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6 Things No One Told You About Your First Big Move

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Yes, your friends can tell you stories about their moves and give you tips on how to go about them, but can they really prepare you for the tough stuff that comes with a first-time move? To ensure you feel prepared, here’s 6 things no one has probably fully informed you about for your first big move:

Know what can and can’t be moved

If you are going forth with a professional moving company, there are actually quite a few items that companies will not move, such as household chemicals, paints and liquids. Knowing this will allow you to be prepared and give you time to go out and get the materials necessary to pack these items yourself. If you do not know these items, you will be left scrambling to back them yourself or wasting them on moving day trying to get rid of them.

Have a game plan, and have it far in advance

Chances are, you don’t own a large moving truck because most Americans, and people in general, don’t. This means you are going to have to hire a moving company, which then leads to the decision of whether or not you want to pack your items yourself or have the movers do it for you. If you are going to go ahead and pack yourself, stock up on newspaper, boxes and labeling material. If you are going to let the movers take the reins, get organized.

Have Cash

Common courtesy, if you can tip your waiter or waitress, then you should definitely be able to tip the people that are packing up and moving all of your belongings. It may be wise to give each mover a small tip at the beginning of the day to provide an incentive and a morale boost of sorts, and then give a larger tip at the end of the day if all went smoothly and they did a great job. However, before you throw down a big tip, check your contract and be sure the moving company is not billing a service charge which that would cover a tip.

Get insured

If you choose to not get the insurance through your moving company, then seek moving insurance from some other outlet. Accidents happen, and it would be a shame to have something of value break, and be uninsured simply because you were trying to save money.

Get involved in your new location

The easiest way to make a new place feel like home is to get involved. Sticking to your own routine and isolating yourself in your job and your home won’t allow you to grow and make new memories in your new city/town. Getting involved, whether that be with a charity or with the local library/school system, will help you meet new people in the area, and make the entire place more familiar.

You WILL meet new people

When moving, a common fear (often by younger people) is that there will be no opportunity to meet people. This is a normal fear that most people have, and no one stresses enough how realistic this is to overcome. When you move, look up the opportunities in your new area to meet up with people that share common interests. This is an easy build off of the “get involved” piece. Nine time out of ten, involvement will lead to you a whole new batch of people who share that common interest with you. 

Even after your first move is over and done, keep checking back for tips to come about your post-move state, and how to get involved in your new neighborhood.

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