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Deciding What You Want Out of a New Home

Deciding What You Want Out of a New Home

So you’re about to search for a new place to live. Perhaps you’re a first time homebuyer or retiring or just want a change of location. What exactly is it that you are wanting in your new home?

Size & Price
First things first, what is your budget? Look at your savings and speak with an expert. Talk about your possibilities and decide on a price point that you feel comfortable with.
How big of a place are you looking for? Do you want a backyard for the kids to play in? Or perhaps you want to downsize. Speak with your spouse, family, or roommate about how big of a home you are looking for and let your agent know.

Look at the pros and cons of your past homes
Next thing to do is to jot down what you loved and what features you absolutely despised about your past homes. Maybe you hated the fact you only had a one-door garage. Maybe you loved living in a cul-de-sac. Consider all the pros and cons of your past homes. Talk about what deciding factors are absolutely essential in your new home with your family or future roommates.

Make a list of needs
Don’t just make a mental list of what you want in your new home. Write it down! It should be something your real estate agent and family always have access to. These “needs” should be things you absolutely will not budge on, for example, four bedrooms or a minimum of two baths. These are the features you must have in your new home to live happily and comfortably.

Make a list of wants
Lastly, make a list of bonuses. These are things that you don’t exactly need in your new home but would love in addition to the place. These could be items like an office space, yard maintenance included, or a pool. Let your agent know so they can do their best to find places that may include some of these features within your price point.

More than likely, your real estate agent will ask a lot of these questions when you request an appointment with them, but it’s always a good thing to go in prepared. If you are searching for a new home without an expert, do your research and take your time to consider every aspect. This is the new place you will be spending the majority of your time in and you want it to be one that makes you happy.

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