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Different Styles of Homes

Different Styles of Homes

Homes come in all different shapes and sizes. Explaining the style of home you want can be difficult unless you’re familiar with the real estate market or an avid HGTV fan. We’ve explained 10 basic styles to help you better understand the different types of homes out there. There are plenty of more, but we felt these were the most common!

Cape Cod
These homes origin back all the way to the start of the “New World”. They’re meant more for stability rather than curb appeal. That doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Cape Cod homes feature a steep roof, usually 1-1 ½ story, rectangle shaped, and constructed of wood.

Dating back to the 1800’s, Colonial homes are widely popular in the United States. Colonial homes are 2-3 stories, which social areas on the main floor and bedrooms on the second. They’re most commonly painted white and have symmetrical architecture with an emphasis on windows and shutters.

Contemporary homes are often confused with modern houses. The biggest difference between the two styles is that contemporary focuses more on energy efficient living. They’re usually more sustainable and have a lot of natural light.

French Country
HGTV lovers have definitely heard the term “French Country” once or twice. But what does it actually mean? French country homes are supposed to resemble the countryside of France. The main features of a French Country home are their curved arches, a mix of stone and wood, soft lines, and overall rustic warmth.

Greek Revival
Greek Revival homes are pretty easy to spot. This style of home has an awesome history and was widely popular before the Civil War. The most prominent characteristic of a Greek house is their pillars. They are usually painted white with a roof hanging over the entryway.

Mediterranean homes are fairly distinguishable as well. Usually located in warmer places: they feature low-pitched tile roofs, curbed arches, open floor plans with high ceilings, and come in pastels. Mediterranean homes are built to let cool air flow easily and usually have outdoor entertainment like courtyards.

These homes take their style from the Modern Art movement. They were built between the 1920’ s-50’s. Where as contemporary homes are forever changing. Modern homes are boxy and use a minimal amount of color. The amount of stories they have are evident by the outside appearance.

Neoclassical homes mix Greek and Roman style. They are usually large and at least 2 stories. They have a prominent portico (a roof that doubles as a porch). In addition, their floor plans include a dining and family room in the front with a kitchen and living room in the back.

Americans love Oriental homes for their Chinese culture and natural characteristics. They usually give off a “Zen” vibe and use a lot of wood. These homes are smaller in size with large curved roofs.

A common style of home is Victorian. These houses are tall and get narrower at the top. They have a lot of decorative elements and are asymmetrical. This style of home gets its name from the rein of Queen Victoria. History lovers are big fans of Victorian styled homes.

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