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How to Research the New Community You’re Moving to

Moving to an entirely different town can be unnerving. Maybe you have some background knowledge but it’s still a foreign place. The best way to get over the fear of living in a new city is to dive right in by researching and exploring!

Check safe areas
Before going out and painting the town red, check out sites like to see reviews on the surrounding areas. Your new neighborhood could be perfectly secure, but it is always wise to check the safety of nearby streets first. We don’t want your first time exploring the town to end badly.

Look for a city website
Today, just about anything can be found on the Internet. Check to see if your new city has a designated website. Most do nowadays and keep it updated with community projects, details about the school district, or fun newsletters.

If your new town doesn’t have a website, no worries, there has to be some information online about it. Read up on any recent articles, research it’s history, or find Yelp reviews for the best restaurants! There may even be messaging boards where you can communicate with other users and ask for their recommendations.

Newspaper subscription
I know, we’re going back in time by telling you to subscribe to your local newspaper. Understand that subscriptions can easily be cancelled and you may even be able to get your hands on free newspapers around town. Your newspaper could have fun upcoming events and dates for entertainment around city. It may also have the latest news about street cleaning days to keep your car from being towed. Stay informed about your new town and take a few minutes each day to skim the paper while you enjoy your morning coffee.

Take a drive/walk
The obvious way to explore your new town is to drive or walk around! Don’t be afraid to reach out to neighbors or take a bike ride with your family. Stop into local shops or go to the local fair. You’re sure to find some hidden treasures along the way and get a real feel for your new neighborhood.

This is the city you will be spending most of your time in now and it should be enjoyable. Take time to research your new community and make it a place you can call home.

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