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Inventory High Ticket Items- Photograph for Scratches & Damages

Take the proper steps to ensure large items or “high ticket” items are insured during the move. Create a list of all the items you plan to take extreme caution with during the move.

Gather receipts
Collect and organize any receipts you have for these valuable belongings. They may include an insurance policy or will at least prove date of purchase to receive coverage. Keep them labeled in a single file.

Take photos
Take pictures of these items before they are packed and moved. Date the photos for insurance purposes. This is so you can compare any damage that happened during the move or possibly show a scratch you may have never noticed before packing it. Again, keep these photos in a file together with the receipts.

Label the items
Label the items you wish to be moved with extreme caution. Do so with tape labeled “fragile” or by a specific colored sticky-note. Whichever way you prefer. Also notify your movers of these items. They will do everything in their power to keep these valuables unharmed.

Contact the company
Unfortunately, accidents can happen and in the case that your item does get damaged in the move, contact the company immediately. Whether it is a visible or manual flaw, take a photo or video of the damage and send it with the previous photos taken as well as the receipt. The quicker you send it to the company, the quicker they will get back to you with coverage.

You’ll be thankful in the long run for taking the time to create an inventory count of your valuables. More than likely, these items will be in pristine condition after the move but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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