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Put Together a Packing Schedule by Room

It’s difficult deciding which rooms to pack first and which room to pack up last. It can be easy to start packing by throwing all the things you don’t use often in one box. Unfortunately, when you’re unpacking this box it becomes messy trying to remember what goes where and whose item belongs to whom. The most efficient way to pack up your home is to organize by rooms and clear the house space by space. Read our tips for scheduling your packing process:

Dumping room or garage
Designate a room as your dumping grounds. This will be the room you will put most of your boxes in or any piles of unwanted items along the way. Pack up this room first so it is clear for storage. Most often times this room is the garage. A lot of the junk we have in our garages aren’t used enough to keep sitting out months prior to our move-in date. Pack this room up first to start clearing other spaces in your house.

Closets or small pantries are the easiest spaces to pack. These are mostly just cleaning supplies or beach towels that we can easily go without for awhile during the moving process. These are also easily forgotten spaces when packing up so tackle these small victories first.

If you have attics or storage closets full of things you hardly use, now is the time to pack these rooms up as well.

Dining room
If your house has a dining room for additional seating, pack this room next. Your family can manage sitting in the kitchen, or even the floor for a few weeks. Often times there is breakable china in dining rooms and need to be packed with extra caution. Don’t rush and wait until the last minute to start packing this room, especially if you have fragile pieces to move.

Living room
Since the living room is the social gathering spot in a home, it can be difficult to pack ahead of schedule. You want a peaceful place to relax with your family when you’re not stressing out about moving. A week prior to moving in, begin packing up the living area. The couches will probably be left behind for movers to carry out so you technically still have a place to sit with your family. The living room can be one of the easiest rooms to pack too considering there is adequate space for the whole family to help.

Laundry room
Hold off packing your laundry room until you feel confident that you have cleaned most of your clothes and belongings that need washed before moving.

Packing up the bedrooms is probably the toughest area to complete. It’s where we store most of our personal belongings and spend a lot of our time. To pack your bedroom properly you need at least several days to do so. All your drawers, closet, and things under the bed need to be cleared before any movers arrive.

Get blow up mattresses or sleeping bags if your family has to go a couple of nights without their beds. It makes for a fun sleepover and a good excuse to spend some quality time together during such a hectic week.

The last and final room is the kitchen. Don’t buy refrigerated food at least a month before moving. There is no problem clearing the kitchen of utensils and easily preserved foods during the weeks leading up to your move in date. But, more than likely your family is still going to be using the kitchen a lot while packing. Don’t forget to clear everything out of your refrigerator before moving and defrosting it. Leave this task until the very last day.

Hopefully our advice helps you with your packing schedule and makes the moving process just a little bit smoother.

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