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The Price of Iconic Movie/TV Homes

Hollywood often uses outside shots of real homes when filming. Although the interior is more than likely staged, some of the actual inside of homes are used during production. Have you ever wondered how much some of the most famous homes seen on the big screen sell for? We made a list of what we consider to be the most iconic.

Harry Potter
Shot as the home of Harry Potter located on Privet Drive. The real home can be found on Picket Post Close just 25 miles outside of London.
Worth $620,0000

Richie Rich
Also know as the largest home in the U.S., the Biltmore House resides in Asheville, North Carolina and was built by the famous Vanderbilt family. Today it is not for sale but used as a tourist attraction.
Worth $300,000,000

Full House
The Full House home was recognizable to nearly everyone in the 90’s. This San Fran home was seen in every episode’s opening segment and attracts a lot of attention to this day.
Worth $4,000,000

American Horror Story: Murder House
Fortunately, or unfortunately to some, the home used for the first season of AHS is not haunted. It is actually known as the Rosenheim Mansion and has been featured in other shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist.
Worth $2,300,000

Breaking Bad
The home used for the Award Winning TV show, Breaking Bad, is actually fairly cheap for how famous it is. Sources say the owners are really friendly and handle the attention from tourists well.
Worth $174,500

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The beautiful estate actually doesn’t reside in Bel-Air but a neighboring town nonetheless.

Worth $8,000,000

The house was the site for vampire Cullen clan in the book trilogy, Twilight. The house is very stylish and modern and also fairly tucked away from tourists.
Worth $3,000,000

If you had the money to spend on a Hollywood famous home, would you?

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